How to use CoolPaintrVR

In CoolPaintr VR you have all types of tools and functionalities for helping you to release your inner artist, but of course… No one is born knowing! Here you have all sorts of tips for making the most of this wonderfull VR experience. Practice makes the master!


Placing the camera

Placing the camera is very important for a good CoolPaintrVR experience. Use the following picture as a reference to place the camera properly.

reference to place the camera

The camera should be high in order to cover the user properly. You can use a tripod or, if the screen is higher, place the camera on it.

The current setting works better if the user is seated.

When the user gets out of the scene, it’s indicated within the app using a white color cone, meaning “this is the border!”

work space


The Playstation Move controller requires sticking within a set area.

The app displays a white cone when the user is about to get out of the area within which the camera can track the controller.

In this mode you can use the controller as a brush to create your work, as well as access to all kinds of tools and colors. Ready to let your imagination fly?


Use the T button to paint the scene, but be aware! If you press harder or weaker you will get a thicker or thinner stroke. Crank it up!

To change the color, once the palette is open, point to the color you want and press the T button. When you have the desired color, close the window with circle.


Open the main menu

Use square to open the main menu. This window will be placed where you point with the controller so, if it’s not well located, close it, point to another place and reopen it.

Close the main menu

Press again the square button to close the main menu.

Open the brush menu

With triangle you can open the brush menu and, by using the T button, you can choose all kinds of tools. This window will be placed where you point with the controller so, if it’s not well located, close it, point to another place and reopen it.

Close the brush menu

Press again the triangle button to close the brush menu.

Open the color palette

Click on circle to open the color palette. You can choose pre-selected colors or directly look for the color you want in the central area. The colors you choose are stored in the box previously chosen so you can make a custom color palette for your scene and this is saved for each of your works.

This window will be placed where you point with the controller so, if it’s not well located, close it, point to another place and reopen it.

Close the color palette

Press again the circle button to close the color palette.

Undo the last stroke or action

Press the X to undo the last stroke you have painted, very useful, right? The number of times you can do this is unlimited.

Change the move mode

If you press the Move button you will change to the move mode in which all the functionality of the buttons and the actions that can be done will change. Remember that it is just a click to switch between modes and you do not have to keep it pressed.

From the drawing menu you can select all kinds of tools such as brushes, pipes, figures or effects. The good use of these tools will allow you to create everything you dream but, all you need is to practice!


To select the different tools point and press the T button. In most cases you will see a drop-down to show more specific tools. Move to one of them with the controller and select the one you want with the T button



These tools are similar to traditional brushes, creating flat color strokes in space. There are three types of brushes:

  • Flat: The most elementary brush but with many possibilities.
  • Marker: This brush is thinner than the others and is perfect for sketching or writing.
  • Liquid: With a more artistic look, the liquid brush allows you to get more watercolor or oil effects, but it is also very interesting for other effects such as feathers, grass or similar.


It allows to take the color of another element of the scene. Choose the tool, click on the object you want to select the color and you will automatically return to the previous tool.


If you want to create geometry, you can do it thanks to these tools. In addition to the classic primitive figures such as spheres or cubes, there are many other interesting options:

  • Organic: This tool allows you to create geometry in any form, including bones to be able to adjust the shape after you draw it. How is this done? First try to draw the silhouette the way you want without crossing the lines and completely closing the stroke. Once done, go to the move mode with the Move button and press the X to edit figures individually. When doing this you will see that a lot of white arrows appear on your geometry. If you take them with the controller, you will be able to move them and deform the figure.
  • Flat organic: It works exactly like the standard organic, but in this case, the geometry that is created is flatter, as if it were a wooden plank.
  • Revolution figure: With this tool you can create volumes using revolution. Basically, draw a stroke and you will see that a line appears while you do it, this line tells you how the figure will rotate when releasing the T button. The easiest example to understand is to draw the half of a vase.
  • Cilinder
  • Cube
  • Pyramid
  • Sphere
  • Torus


With this tool, instead of flat strokes you will create geometry similar to a tube. You have different ways to choose

  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Hexagon


This tool allows you to paint multiple figures in space.

  • Fog
  • Triangles
  • Squares
  • Hexagons


Place all kinds of effects to give the final touch to your creations, as fire or snow, but be careful, you can not abuse it because the system has a limit. The particles that you can create are the following:

  • Sparks
  • Fire
  • Snow
  • Magic dust


Activate this function for a panel to appears in your scene (symmetry axis), from which everything you draw will be duplicated on the other side. The panel can be moved as you want to achieve different effects.

Load image

It allows to load a 2D image from your USB to use it as a reference. The image must be in JPG format to be recognized correctly.


Activates or deactivates the previously loaded reference image.


The lower section of the menu is for choosing the type of material you want for everything you draw. Choosing a material will make everything you paint from the chosen material, for that moment on. You have the following three materials:

  • Diffuse A matte material for your creations.
  • Specular With this material everything you draw will have a special brightness, like plastic.
  • Self-iluminated The self-illuminated material has its own light and has no shadow or light on it. Very interesting to achieve a more cartoonish style

With the color palette you have access to any color you can imagine and some other interesting options to work with.


Once the palette is open, point to the color you want and press the T button. When you have the desired color, close the window with circle.


  • Each scene has its own palette: The colors that you change in the palette are recorded in each scene, so it is a good idea to invest some time at the beginning to choose what colors you want for your creation and to have them always accessible
  • Precise selection: At the right of the palette, you have an accurate selection for the color. Use it to give variety to your works.
  • Random color: In the upper part there is a strip with four colors that are smaller than the others. What is it for? Activate it by clicking on the box on your left and you will see how, when painting, the colors change randomly among the chosen four. This is very useful for grass, hair, earth and in general anything in which you want a certain variety.

Move scene

In this mode you can move the scene. Press and keep pressing the T button while moving the controller.

Move object

Press the x button to activate. In this mode you can move primitive shapes individually. Also, you can move the organic shapes' bones and deform their geometry.


Press the triangle button to access the Zoom. This mode allows you to change the scene size. Press the T button and drag the controller while keep pressing the button. If you drag the controller to you, the scene will grow. If you move the controller out of you, you will make the scene smaller.


Press the circle button in order to reset the scene position and scale.

From the main menu you can select the work mode. Also, you can access to other options like undo, redo, load or save.


Aim to any icon and press T button to select the option you want.



Change to the paint mode. The controller icons will change in order to adapt to the new mode.


Change to the eraser mode. Press and keep pressed the T button while touching a stroke to delete it.


Change to the move mode. The controller icons will change in order to adapt to the new mode.


Reset the scene and create a new one.


Undo the last action.


Redo the last undone action.


Save the current scene.


Load a previous saved scene.


Export the scene to a USB in COLLADA (.dae) format.


Open the options menu.

From the main menu you can select the mode as well as other options related to the scene such as undo, redo, load or record.


To select the options point and press the T button.



Switch to paint mode. The options reflected in the controller change to adapt to this new mode.


Switch to erase mode. You can remove an object from the scene just by touching it.


Switch to move mode. The options reflected in the controller change to adapt to this new mode.


It allows to eliminate the whole scene.


Undo the last action performed.


Redo the last undone action.


Record the current scene allowing you to load it later.


Allows you to load one of the previously saved scenes.


Export the scene to a COLLADA file (.dae) on the USB device.


Open the options menu.

This option enables or disables the game sound.

To be able to listen to your own music inside CoolPaintrVR, you will need a USB pendrive. When you connect your USB pendrive to the console for the first time, the application will automatically create a folder called COOLPAINTR. Inside, others will have been created, among them, MUSIC.

Connect your USB pendrive to a computer once the folders have been created. Enter the music you want into COOLPAINTR / MUSIC in MP3 format. Connect the USB pendrive to your console and, inside CoolPaintrVR, access the options menu and click on the "Upload music" icon. A window will appear on the remote that will allow you to choose the song you want to start with. Press the square button to accept and the music will start playing. When the song ends, the next one will start automatically.

You can do all this process without leaving CoolPaintrVR! Do not be afraid to insert or extract the USB pendrive while the application is open, nothing will happen.

CoolPaintr VR Spatula
CoonPaintr VR Marker
CoolPaintr VR Primitives
CoolPaintr VR Particles
CoolPaintr VR Move
CoolPaintr VR Zoom
CoolPaintr VR Zoom
CoolPaintr VR Spatula


With the spatula you can paint using the ink brushes (flat and liquid). The trigger pressure controls the stroke thickness.

CoonPaintr VR Marker


With the marker you can use the outline brush and create organic shapes. The trigger pressure controls the stroke thickness.

CoolPaintr VR Primitives


Creates primitives shapes like cubes, pyramids, spheres and cylinders. Press the trigger and keeping it pressed, drag to scale the shape.

CoolPaintr VR Particles


Give the scene a magical touch with the particles. You can create fire, make snow fall, fill the dust scene or place magical sparks. Place the brush where you want to place the particles and click with the trigger to create an emitter. With the fire particle, if you drag while doing click you will create a path that will follow the fire.

CoolPaintr VR Move


It allows to move the scene, repositioning it in a more comfortable place to continue painting from another point of view or to see a detail better. With the x button you enter the object move mode, which allows to move primitive forms, or edit the placement of the bones in the organic figures. With the circle button the setting of the scene is restarted.

CoolPaintr VR Zoom


With the zoom tool you can make the scene grow or decrease, which is very useful to paint small details or hide secrets. Press the trigger and drag while holding it down. Dragging it forward you will shrink the scene, while backwards you will make it bigger. It is important to place within the reference cube whatever we want to approach or move away from. It will work as a center of the scale.

CoolPaintr VR Zoom


Create spheres of smoke that will mix if they come together. Very useful to simulate fog or making it shine if you put it in a line. Press the trigger once to create a sphere. Press and drag while holding down to create a wake.