Content publishing license

When you publish content in CoolPaintrVR web platform, you can choose whether to authorise its download and modification. When you permit download and modification, you authorize third parties to download, edit and modify your creation. This means your content will be published under a Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 license; if you don’t authorize download and modification, your content will be published under a Creative Commons CC BY-ND 4.0 license.

What contents can be marked as downloadable and modifiable

Only contents that can be licensed under the policies of a CC-BY license can be marked as downloadable and modifiable. As an example, original works or the ones that derive from others under CC-BY license are able to be licensed.

What is Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers free license models allowing author to distribute their work in a free way in Internet, limiting the uses that can be applied to such works. They are closely related to the Open Access movement and are included in the institutional repositories meaning that authors can choose access conditions and protection for their works when they release them.

Creative Commons licenses are intended for sharing and reusing creative works under certain conditions. With Creative Commons licenses, the author permits the use of his/her works, but the works are still protected.

What kind of license is CC BY

This license permits others to distribute, mix, adjust and build from the work, even with for commercial use, as long as the authorship of the original creation is recognized. It’s widely used and recommended for maximum diffusion and use of the works subject of this license.

What kind of license is CC BY-ND

This license allows sharing, distributing or copying the content in other medium or format for any purpose, even for commercial use. The license, however, does not permit third parties to modify the contents, so in the context of the CoolPaintrVR web platform this means third parties will not be allowed to download, in order to comply with this obligation.

Acknowledging the original author

CoolPaintrVR web platform will always display credits (title, author and any copyright text provided by the auther) both for contents uploaded under CC BY license and contents under CC BY-ND alike.

When downloading the work from other user in order to modify it and create a new one, it’s mandatory to credit the source work before uploading it to CoolPaintrVR web platform.

In order to credit the original author properly, please visit the Creative Commons page “Best Practices for Attribution”.

Change authorization in a work

Authors will have access to settings for the works they have published, so they can change authorization in order to allow or disallow downloading and modifying them. They also have the option to delete any of their published contents, although in this case works by other authors created from them will not be deleted, since they were created when the original work was under CC-BY license.